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posted Mar 6, 2012, 2:19 PM by PAWS Goalkeeper Academy
Over the last few months our seniors have been studying, emailing, writing letters, talking, filling out forms, and sweating. All of this had nothing to do with the schoolwork they had to do either. It was the process of trying to figure out where they were going to spend that next year- “COLLEGE”. A seven letter word that can strike fear in many and promote a feeling of excitement in others, depending on whether you have or have not decided where you want to go to shool.

Now that National Letter of Intent Day has come and gone, we have a few in the PAWS family that have figured out where they are going to be spending the next 4-5 years of their lives.

Kylie Morgan (University of Kentucky) who joined the PAWS program 
 spring has already left for school (graduating early) and is enrolled as a freshman at Kentucky. She will be able to train and play spring ball with her new team there.

Natalia Grodzski (Quinnipiac University) will be leaving our state to
go play her ball out on the east coast. Natalia has been a part of
the program for about 4 years and we are excited for her as she
embarks on her new career. We know she will do well out there.

Katy Oldach (Grinnell College) will be leaving the state as well to
head west to Iowa for her college playing days. Katy joined the
program last winter and will no doubt make her new teammates at
Grinnell very happy that she is there.

Erick Eklin (Illinois Wesleyan) is staying in-state heading down to a
good soccer program. Joining us about 4 years ago, we know Erick will
enjoy his time downstate and expect to hear great things from him in
the future not just in soccer but in life as well.

Jack Rubin (DePaul University),like Erick Eklin, is staying in-
state and heading downtown to play soccer. Jack has been training
with PAWS for about 3 years and has been doing a lot of work with staff coach
Jonathan Harris to get ready for this next stage of his life.